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This virtual installation uses audio, light, and spatiality to generate an environment that serves as a metaphor for the consciousness of a person in quarantine.

The quarantine of the pandemic has occurred not only on a physical but also on a mental level. Deaths, illnesses, economic crisis… everything external confines us, not only in space, but in our inner emotional space.

This piece proposes a way out of this claustrophobia: go deeper inside, find the way out through the center. Walk straight through this text until you arrive at the structure. Climb the stairs. Walk around, look around. Listen. Jump in. Climb up to get out.



The Structure

The structure is defined as a labyrinth of words without walls, following a pattern of the symbol "the seed of life".



7 hyper-focused and synchronized sound emitters emit different audio fragments achieving 43 unique spaces.

The verses appear at specific intervals and can be heard depending on the location of the viewer.



The poem can be navigated up and down the stairs to discover all the combinations of the audio fragments. This includes the outer and inner space of the poem. Use keyboard arrows and/or mouse to move around.

You can also transport to different predefined points by entering the Places tab on the bottom menu.



The single line poem has been written using a modular structure.






José Aburto (joseAZ)
Natalija Boljsakov


Lelé Guillen


ENCERRADA has been possible thanks to the invaluable sponsorship of Portal Labs, a company dedicated to create experiences in the metaverse.