The project aims to create a poem consented through surveys with the city of Porto’s population.

Thanks to the constant syntactic indeterminacy of poetry in interactive media, it is possible to create open pieces that allow each user to choose the components of their own particular literary experience in each reading. However, this feature can also be exploited to detect statistical trends about poetic tastes by analyzing the most recurring choices among the user base exposed to the piece.

Through the use of mobile devices, wireless internet, combinative poetry, chart writing, statistical sampling, and data mining, we seek to determine which poem is closest to the taste of the majority of people in a specific city or population.

Combinatory poetry, by nature, generates thousands of possible poems. These possibilities, when confronted with the selections of a determined population, result in a representative poetic tendency.

Chart sample of a 4 verse (V) poem with 4 fragments (F) per verse and 4 possibilities (P) in each fragment.

The calculation of a table like this exceeds 4 million possible poems.