Liwu GPT


LIWU-GPT is an experiment for generation of hyperstories as a collaboration between human and AI creativities. It is a first step in a series of explorations regarding possibilities that the combination of embodied cognition and AI allows, and it's done through play. How can we interact with AI through tangible interaction? How does this affect the creative process? Can AI enrich playful imagination?

LIWU-GPT is a project branching from LIWU, an unstructured construction game that draws on educational studies and philosophies such as those of Reggio Emilia and Maria Montessori and is inspired by theories on embodied and affective cognition. Each LIWU block is unique, thus generating the sensation when assembling them of creating an organic shape in constant evolution. This form of interaction awakens in the participants the sensation of an organic narrative in the space. Due to the size and design of the pieces, LIWU invites collaboration between children and adults to co-create shapes and spaces in the physical world.

As an addition to the initial concept, LIWU-GPT makes use of sensors and electronics integrated in the pieces to communicate with ChatGPT, adding a virtual layer that allows for a different kind of interaction. Participants not only can choose how to set up their space but rather how they continue their story narration, creating new paths and interpretations. LIWU-GPT is thus a complete phygital experience that has not only an ever changing expression in the real world but also an infinite amount of stories in the virtual world.

virtual app of the installation 

Jose Aburto + Natalija Boljsakov + Ferran Gisbert