He tenido el honor de haber sido el primer peruano en ser incorporado en el archivo NEXT que tiene como objetivo la conservación de piezas de Literatura electrónica.


The José Aburto Collection features 23 experimental works by this pioneering artist of electronic literature. 

Born and educated in Peru, Aburto is the founding member of Realidad Visual, an arts and cultural NGO. He also serves as the Executive Creative Director at Wunderman Thompson Perú and is an Experimental Poet at Artista Independiente. The collection showcases his ongoing interest in formats and methods that explore intersections of interactivity, technology, and self. His art asks us to think about the possibilities of the digital world and “its impact on forms of expression” (Aburto, Website). Jose Aburto gave files associated with this collection to Dene Grigar in January of 2021.