pequeñas interfaces poéticas



In Small poetic interfaces we explore a series of 3 interactive and experimental poems written by José Aburto during 15 years of poetic work. Each of these proposes a form of special navigation not based in the use of a mouse or a keyboard.

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This set have been show in:

- ELO, Electronic Literature Organization - 2015. Bergen, Norway.
- ha!wangarda - 2015. Krakow, Poland.
- Rutgers-Camden Center for the Arts - 2016. New Jersey, EEUU.


  Cube 1: Badly wrapped

It reflects upon the language as a construct where the cell is the written letter. The interface is based on a thread linked to a screen. As the reader pulls the thread, the poem unwraps.
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  Cube 2: Conception of the dragon

We witness the entire process of poetry writing. We may see each of the poetic “bursts”, from the first to the last one, thanks to an automatic technique of saving in each pause. The interface consists of a screen connected to a dial that the reader may twirl in order to move forward or backward during the analysis of the poem.
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   Cube 3: Grita

If the reader wishes to read, then he/she must scream. The digital poem thus seeks to take the reader’s breath in order to ride the strength of the human voice turned into a scream. The interface is a microphone linked to a screen.
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This piece has been selected as part of the Electronic Literature Colection 3